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JLC Sourcing and Services


About Us

JLC Sourcing and Services Ltd. is an agency offering particularly production and quality services, next to sourcing and compliance services.
We aim to SUPPORT our customers and their suppliers in apparel, but also in shoes and hard goods. We have representing offices in Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore, covering also Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines.

JLC believes in adopting a proactive and
inclusive approach towards working together.
Hand-in-hand, we can achieve greater goals in
a constructive spirit, with adding value and
aiming continuously for innovation and
enhancement. We stress building capacity and
continual learning through rigorous training
programs and team-building activities.

Our JLC Leadership

Our leadership team is dedicated to create the family spirit in which we
care for each other. Every day they contribute at defining the company’s
philosophy and adding value in the relation between buyers and suppliers.


Managing Director

We started JLC Sourcing & Services with the belief that we had to do things differently. We had the rare opportunity to introduce a new concept, we call “supporting partners with people”. We believe that support is better than control. Through daily presence in the factories of our Technical-Quality-Support teams, we believe we can really make the difference, which we think is the way forward.


Head of Soft Goods

We’re in contact with our customer daily. We give feedback to the factories, we think about improvements, improvements of the product’s quality, improvement of the total production process. And all of this we apply in order to guarantee quality and on-time delivery.


Head of Finance

With our constant efforts, we strive to reach the same goals: success for our suppliers, client and ourselves.

Our JLC mission objectives

Our commitment to excellence is captured in our key beliefs.
These 6 core values form the foundation of JLC Sourcing and Services


Our objective is to always deliver a fantastic product meeting the requirements of our customer. We achieve this goal by ensuring that each of our other five core values are met. By meeting the requirements of our customers to pass inspection, we help satisfy their end users. Our objective is always to achieve the highest levels of quality through our people. We empower them with the philosophy and knowledge required to make it happen.


All our efforts are dedicated to pass inspection. Through our concept, our procedures, our processes and last but not least our people, we concentrate our efforts to ensure the best possible level of quality. Indeed we focus on meeting both inline and final production goals, leading at the end to pass inspection.


Our experience in this industry has taught us that the best way to support our partners in meeting delivery goals is to have our own well-trained people on the ground. They act as our eyes and ears to ensure smooth and on-time delivery. JLC support teams work alongside the production line giving constructive feedback to manufacturers to prevent delays. This advice
enables them to achieve high performance on on-time delivery targets.


JLC understands that without meeting social, legal and health safety standards, manufacturers cannot deliver high quality products. We believe supporting manufacturers to become and remain compliant and socially responsible is as important as maintaining high production quality. JLC differs in that we truly believe that the supplier who is compliant today will be the winner in the future.


Supporting the factories means that with our help they do better. Our teams also strive not just to do their job well but to do it better everyday. We collectively ensure that the service we provide is at the end adding value to the final product, to our customer, to the factories and to ourselves as a team.


At JLC, we strive to develop sustainable relationships with our partners through a mutual positive feedback loop. It’s also important that we give positive feedback to our own people, and receive it from them as well, because we care about creating supportive offices where the JLC family can enjoy pleasant work environments.

Our JLC Team

We consider the JLC team an extended family spread across the
countries where we operate. We stimulate them in self-development and interactive learning. Our encouraging environment fosters pride in
our work and loyalty towards our customer and supply base.

A career with JLC

At JLC we believe in potential and self development. Every new comer is
provided with a thougthfully crafted introduction program including
training and integration into our family.

Available Positions:

JLC is proud to be providing a wide range of opportunities. Click on
an offer to discover the job description and apply. If you wish to
simply share your profile with us, click on Send CV and we’ll review
your application.





Our JLC Offices

We have representing offices in Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore, covering also Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines. A bigger footprint means a better opportunity to find the supplier you need.


2F-05 Raintree, #299 Preah Ang Duong, Sangkat Wat Phnom, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


7th floor Capital Place building,
6 Thai Van Lung District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam


53, Tamarind Gardens,
Pun Hlaing Golf Estate,
Hliang Tharyar Township, Yangon


Blugreen office 6th floor suite CG 6B, Jl. Lingkar Luar Barat Kav 88.
Jakarta Barat 11610, Indonesia.


RmB, 12F, Shing Lee Commercial Building,
8-12 Wing Kut Street, Central,
Hong Kong


67 McNair Road
Singapore 328547




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2F-05 Raintree, #299 Preah Ang Duong, Sangkat Wat Phnom, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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